It seems that every year my blog gets a little simpler. First it was in Drupal, then in WordPress. WordPress lasted a while. Nowadays though I'm using Jekyll.

Anyway here's how I did all this. you can always go view the source code for this site on GitHub.

Converting a site from Wordpress into Jekyll

Writing Workflow

  1. Write a clever blog post
  2. Upload any images to the S3 Bucket using an FTP program.
  3. Commit and push new posts to Github.
  4. Heroky and the deployer app do the rest.

Development Workflow

The following will compile sass and jekyll in one step.

jekyll serve --watch & compass watch &

Then use something like LiveReload or Codekit to make your browser update automatically.

Plugins / Templates

Written By Me:

Written by others:

I haven't turned these on yet but they interest me:


This site is hosted on Heroku and uses Jonas Forsberg's heroku-deployer.

(please read my blog post about my prefered way to deploy Jekyll)

Source of inspiration:

There are lots of people pushing the boundaries of what flat HTML sites can do. Here are a few I found:


MISC Other stuff

Dumping ground for things I have yet to look at or implement but which might be of interest.

  • Rakefile boilerplate

Homepage Ideas:

  • have all blog posts on the homepage. Scrolling is what pages.
  • Banner stays put when you scroll but the sky changes.