About Me (Matt Reimer)

I'm a Canadian engineer, currently working for Raised Eyebrow Web Studios

About Lifeoutthewindow.com

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What's all this "Life lived out the window" business?

Until very recently I had spent my young life shifting my gaze between clocks and windows, dreaming of what my life would be like when school finished. When I graduated I found that was doing the same thing at work. With this realization I decided to throw open the window and leap out into the world, for better or worse. I'm still out here and it's nice.

It doesn't mean I won't ever have a desk job (I currently have one and a super nice standing desk too) or go back to school but it does mean I won't ever be content to settle for anything less than meaningful, vocation-influenced employment and useful, directed education. The slogan is a promise to myself to stop preparing for or hiding from life and get out to live it.

Discalimer and warning: Despite several eerie similarities it should be noted that Matt Reimer is in no way affiliated or associated with the Matt at "WherethehellisMatt.com" (and wishing won't make it so). I do, however encourage everyone to seek out WherethehellisMatt.com and watch every single video on that site because it is bloody brilliant!