25 May 2012

Vancouver Bike Map

Continuing on my new obsession with mapping and open data here's a map I made showing all the bike routes of Vancouver in an interesting way.

The first few maps I'm making are going to be just tilesets. The whole idea here is that I want to start with some interesting base maps that are devoid of labels and metadata so that I can reuse them with overlays to make them more informational.

[mapbox layers='raychaser.Vancouver' api='' options='' lat='49.261' lon='-123.183' z='13' width='980' height='600']
The green glowing lines are the bike routs. The blue ones are rapid transit.

All of this is free and available from the Vancouver Open Data Catalogue and uses the following layers:

  • rapidtransitline
  • bikeways
  • parkpolygons
  • blockoutlines
  • countours
  • cityboundary
  • shoreline2002
All the styling work was done with TileMill

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