05 April 2012

Divvy - OSX Window Management.... Finally!

The Need

Tiled display in OSX?!?

I am a Mac user. Most people know this about me. I wasn't always one though. I was a strong Windows advocate until I walked by a mac store on that fateful fall day and somehow walked out with a Macbook Pro. There's lots to like and we could argue for hours about pros and cons. One thing that I simply cannot believe is how poorly OS X does window management. All I want is a full screen window. Why is that so hard?!? Why can't Lion maximize a window on more than one monitor. I could go on.

To get over this incredible oversight I use third party Apps but I found a new one thanks to a talk I saw in Vancouver last week.

The app is Divvy and it will change the way you do window managent on a Mac, especially if you have a little laptop screen.

Interface is Key

I've used Zooom2 before and while I like it a lot I find it lacking, especially in OSX Lion. Sometimes windows you're trying to resize will just shrink inexplicably to nothing and you have to drag them back.

What sets Divvy apart is that it works a lot more consistently except, of course with Adobe Photoshop, but that doesn't even play nice with OSX's window management so who's expecting it to work on a third-party app?!? Nobody. That's who.

Divvy's interface is slick and intuitive!
The process for resizing a window is simple. Activate the hotkey of your choosing and you the nifty Divvy interface. Then just drag (or use a hotkey) to tell the window you've got currently selected where to go. In no time at all you have windows exactly where you want them. I took the liberty of assigning hotkeys that I plan to install on every Mac device I use. Gamers will recognize the AWSD keys and what they mean. The CMD-SHIFT-Z is something I find easy to mash with my thumb/pinky/index finger.
Global Hotkey CMD-SHIFT-Z
Occupy top half of the screen CMD-SHIFT-Z, W
Occupy bottom half of the screen CMD-SHIFT-Z, S
Occupy left half of the screen CMD-SHIFT-Z, A
Occupy right half of the screen CMD-SHIFT-Z, D
Occupy left third of the screen CMD-SHIFT-Z, 1
Occupy center third of the screen CMD-SHIFT-Z, 2
Occupy right third of the screen CMD-SHIFT-Z, 3
Fill the screen (but don't use Lion's fullscreen feature) This lets you do fullscreen on two monitors CMD-SHIFT-Z, F
You can do global hotkeys for every combination but I find it hard getting ones that aren't taken somewhere else in the operating system. Go get Divvy (free to try) and give it a go.  Get those windows under control and feel calm returning as the obsessive-compulsive in you sighs deeply. Divvy by Mizage This is the first in a series of posts about workflow and a number of new tools I've found that are speeding up the way I work. Sorry to those who might not find this interesting.

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