30 December 2012

Too many apps!

"Wow, you have a lot of apps", a friend  said recently when I handed him my iPad. "Do you use them all?"

"Yup", I responded, and it's true. I have a lot of apps. Like a lot of people these days I love going to the app store an discovering new ways for these little software programs to make my life more convenient, fun or just generally better.  I have a rule that any apps I don't use get deleted. I actually have a "Purgatory" folder on all my devices where apps go and if they don't get used a month later I delete them.

The problem though is that I have a lot of apps across devices.  For example Wunderlist and Podio gets used on my work machine, my personal machine, tablet and phone. It's useful on every device because I can quickly get things onto my to-do list and cross them off at the grocery store or wherever it's convenient.

When I'm choosing to drop an app I think about whether I've used it recently but I rarely think if I've used it on this device. For example I love the radiolab podcast app but I've never even opened it on my iPad. Why? I think it's because I tend to be on the go when I listen to podcasts. Even at home it's more convenient to have ear buds in and listen with something in my pocket than it is to lug around a bigger device.

Dropbox and Wunderlist might be really handy everywhere but just because you use an app often on your phone doesn't mean you should automatically download it onto everything else you own.

So this is my work in progress. I'm going to see if I can whittle each device's apps down to just the ones I need on each device and that way reduce the clutter.

What apps do you use across devices and which ones do you think would be better on just one?

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