05 October 2010

Life at 30

When I woke up this morning I didn't feel any different. The ceiling looked the same, my comfy comforter and sheets were wrapped around me snugly and my hands, upon inspection did not look any older, more wrinkled or weathered.

Then I put both feet on the floor and I got a surprise. I was stiff; stiffer than I had any right to be, having been sedentary and comfortable the day before. I stood up and a wicked charlie-horse buckled my left calf. At the same time my right achilles tendon screamed out from an old injury it had clearly not forgotten as completely as the rest of me. Psychosomatosis anyone?

[LIMG1]It was 30 years ago that I was born. That's 10950 days of which includes 3650 full days sleeping and 912 days eating. That leaves 6388 days that I've been awake without a fork in my hand. Of those waking, non-eating hours nearly 1320 were spent in a classroom or doing homework.

So what's my point? I guess I don't like being the center of attention. Also I don't really see the big deal and I have trouble finding value in birthdays. I mean, we're basically celebrating the fact that I haven't invented the machine that affects the earth's rotation about the sun yet. Maybe next year. Still it was nice to spend time with friends (who bought be sushi and a cheesecake). I guess in the end the point is to celebrate whenever you can.

I've been terrible at blogging lately. This is mainly because all my usual blogging time is being spent:

  1. Looking for work
  2. Redesigning MattReimer.com

2 is actually related to 1 since I know that the first thing people do when they're checking cadidates out is to Google them. Obviously I want to make sure I put my best foot forward.

For those of you who still haven't heard I'm back in Vancouver. I'm still not completely caught up though and I've been taking my time processing pictures I took in Tanzania and contemplating where I've been and what my next step should be. I'll put them up online when I get a free minute.

At the end of the day 30 is just a number. Numbers, like the money based on them are tools invented by humans to serve us. The fact that our great^(n) uncle Mysing Link unoriginally decided on a counting system based on the number of fingers on his ancient hands doesn't mean we all need to freak out when a zero pops up. Yes, I actually believe that. Remember the great disappointment that was Y2K?

This year is going to be different though and 30 has nothing to do with it. This year I'm really going to hit my stride living out that window. It's the year where amazing things happen on my terms and it's the year where I finally invent that earth orbit slowing ray. Just watch.

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